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Tamil film has always stood out as a force to be faced with in Cinema. Where storytelling is an art form and enjoyment knows no bounds. It continues to attract audiences not only in India but all over the world, year after year. In 2023, Tamil cinema, as in previous years, continued its habit of making films that broke records and left an indelible mark on the industry. In this Blog, we look at the Top Grossing Films of Tamil Cinema 2023 and the astonishing box office revenues that have set new records.

Kollywood Movie Box Office Collection in World Budget Outcome
Adipurush 410 Crore 500 Crore Flop
Agilan 12.8 Crore 25 Crore Flop
Avatar 2 (Tamil) 53.65 Crore 200 Crore Hit
Dada 20.1 Crore 10 Crore Hit
DD Returns 29.2 Crore 12 Crore Hit
Gatta Kusthi 26.69 Crore 25 Crore Average
Jailer 605 Crore 200 Crore Blockbuster
Jawaan (World) 984 Crore 300 Crore Blockbuster
Kabzaa (Tamil) 0.95 Crore 120 Crore Flop
Kalaga Thalaivan 7.46 Crore 14 Crore Flop
Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam 6.5 Crore 8 Crore Flop
King Of Kotha 35 Crore 60 Crore Flop
Laththi 18.95 Crore 25 Crore Flop
LGM 8.65 Crore 8 Crore Average
Love Today 94.64 Crore 18 Crore Super Hit
Maamannan 71.5 Crore 25 Crore Hit
Maaveeran 81.8 Crore 85 Crore Average
Mark Antony 86 to 88 Crore 28 Crore Super Hit
Michael 17.35 Crore 10 Crore Average
Naane Varuvean 43.6 Crore 45 Crore Flop
Naai Sekar Returns 8 Crore 15 Crore Flop
Pathu Thala 35.25 Crore 35 Crore Flop
Pichaikkaran 2 36.2 Crore 30 Crore Hit
Por Thozhil 28 Crore 8 Crore Super Hit
Prince 46.65 Crore 60 Crore Flop
PS1 498.18 Crore 250 Crore Blockbuster
PS 2 342.65 Crore 250 Crore Hit
Raangi 1.91 Crore 15 Crore Flop
Rudhran 18.85 Crore 25 Crore Flop
Sardaar 94.86 Crore 45 Crore Hit
Sembi 3.01 Crore 15 Crore Flop
Sinam 13.4 Crore 12 Crore Unknown
Takkar 6.5 Crore 12 Crore Flop
Thunivu 201.09 Crore 200 Crore Hit
Vaathi 116.99 Crore 50 Crore Hit
Varisu 302.41 Crore 260 Crore Hit
Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu 56.25 Crore 40 Crore Average
Veeran 8 Crore 8 Crore Average
Vidhuthalai 48 Crore 25 Crore Hit
Yashoda 31.68 Crore 40 Crore Flop

Understanding Distributor Share in Tamil Cinema

Tamil cinema, it’s essential to grasp the concept of Distributor Share. As it forms the bedrock of a film’s financial success. In the bustling film industries of India, particularly Bollywood and Kollywood. Different methods of box office reporting exist, but Distributor Share remains a vital metric in Tamil cinema.

What is Distributor Share?

In simple terms, the Distributor Share represents the actual revenue earned by a film. Unlike Bollywood, which primarily records nett box office collections, Tamil cinema often focuses on the Distributor Share to gauge a film’s profitability. This figure reflects the income that ultimately reaches the film’s distributors, subtracting various costs such as theater rents and taxes.

Tamildhool Unique Distribution Landscape

Kollywood, the Tamil film industry. It has a distinct distribution strategy compared to its counterparts in Bollywood. Tamil movies predominantly hit theaters in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka initially, later making their way to Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana through dubbed versions. In recent times, some Tamil films have even ventured into a nationwide release strategy, further expanding their reach.

A Note of Caution

Before diving into the world of box office figures and Distributor Shares. It’s crucial to recognize the disclaimer associated with such data. The figures presented in lists and reports, like the one you’re exploring, are compiled from various sources and diligent research.

They exclusively pertain to Tamil films and are approximations rather than precise numbers. While these metrics provide useful information on a film’s box office performance. It is important to note that they are not always 100% accurate. Nonetheless, they are a reasonable predictor of a film’s financial success.

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In the dynamic landscape of Tamil cinema, understanding Distributor Share. And the nuances of box office reporting is pivotal for filmmakers, industry enthusiasts, and fans alike. It provides a glimpse into the financial health of the industry and the popularity of the films that grace its screens.

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